Building capacity

Input, tips and tools from training sessions

D2.4 Report on open centralised training sessions for EU Municipalities and supporting structures, including inputs received

Online Training

The Covenant capaCITY project assists Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) development in Europe - from motivation, planning, implementation, to monitoring and evaluating.
Its capacity building programme includes an easy learning programme for local governments leaders and municipal staff) and a ‘train-the-trainer’ programme to extend the support offered to actively support cities and towns in 15 countries – step-by-step rolling-out their Local Climate and Energy Actions.
Learn more and explore the capaCITY Online Training Platform.


The 50000&1 SEAPs coaching programme addresses key actors - Local Authorities and their supporting structures. The main goal of the programme is to share knowledge and provide hands-on support to the set up and implementation of the EnMS+SEAP approach.

Participants to the coaching programme will benefit from tailor made peer-to-peer activities and trainings (both online and in person), for a total of 2-days. The training will be delivered by the partners and the Municipalities they support within the project.

The participation to the programme is subjected to a process of selection.
Priority access to the coaching programme will be give to key actors located in European countries outside the 50000&1 SEAPs target Countries.

More information on the selection criteria applied can be found clicking here.

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