Implementing the 50000&1 SEAPs approach

The following guidelines provide an overview on why and how to approach the integration of Sustainable energy Action Plans and Energy management systems.

SEAP guidance

  • Covenant of Mayors Guidebook -  Based on the practical experiences of cities and developed in close co-operation with the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, this guidebook offers step-by-step guidance and practical recommendations on the entire SEAP development process.
  • Financing Opportunities for Local Sustainable Energy 2014 – 2020 - A Quick Reference Guide developed by the Covenant of Mayors Office to provide signatories Cities with a comprehensive overview of the various options available to find their way through the complex maze of EU funding streams, programmes and mechanisms.

Collection of Resources

The Toolbox of Methodologies on Climate and Energy is an online collection of tools and resources in many different languages to assist local governments and their partners in planning local climate and energy action (reports, videos, weblinks, etc..)

International Energy Agency's infographics on Energy - EU Country data




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